A Post-Campout Checklist for Scouts

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It's Sunday night after a fun but exhausting weekend of camping.

But before your Scout or Venturer collapses on the couch with a book, favorite show or videogame, hand them this post-campout checklist.

It's sure to make the transition from Scouting on Sunday to School on Monday much easier. The ideas come from Lombard, Ill., Scouter Sherrie Nielsen, a 23-year Scouting veteran.

  1. DRY YOUR TENT AND GEAR. Just say no to mold. Put your tent up to dry right away, preferably outside or in the garage. Do the same with your sleeping bag, rain jacket and anything else that might still be damp.
  2. WASH YOUR CLOTHES. Head straight for the laundry room. Take out your dirty shirts, pants, shorts, bandanas, jackets, socks, underwear, towels -- and whatever else needs to be thrown in the washer.
  3. PUT AWAY FOOD. Divide leftover food among the patrol or throw it out.
  4. TAKE A SHOWER. That foul smell? Yeah, it's you.
  5. APPLY BITE TREATMENT Insect bites are a common side effect of a fun Scouting adventure. Some troops/crews carry bite-relief sticks to immediately remove that itchy feeling.
  6. CARE FOR THOSE FEET See peeling skin around your toes or the bottoms of your feet? That might be athlete's foot, especially if you were recently in a shower used by other Scouts. Blisters? Treat them with moleskin padding.
  7. WATCH FOR FLEAS AND TICKS Grab a flea or tick comb to comb through your own hair. or have a parent do the check.
  8. HAVE A HEADACHE? Don't rush for the aspirin just yet. Instead, drink some water.
  9. ORGANIZE THOSE ADVANCEMENT RECORDS Record the campout in your Boy Scout Handbook, marking down how many nights you were camping. Note any merit badges progress you've made.
  10. RELAX Now you can enjoy your favorite game, book or show. But wait: Is your homework done?

What's missing from the list? Read what other Scouters suggested and find a printable version at bit.ly/postcampout.

This article is from Scouting Magazine November-December 2014 page 9.